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Business Coaching

Business Coaching

Image | Sahra Samnani

Image | Sahra Samnani

Rowan Consulting | Removing the stress while increasing productivity and profits.

My name is Kelly, I started Rowan Consulting to support and coach business owners, or soon to be business owners, along their entrepreneurial journey. I take an owner's approach, working in collaboration with yourself and your team (if applicable), bringing strong business acumen, problem-solving skills, and the needed tools for success. I work with every size of company from solo-entrepreneurs to medium-sized businesses. My work ranges in-depth, is based on your needs & budget and can be done remotely or in-person.

My practice is to customize the services specifically for your business. I do this by first identifying your business needs, challenges, wants, and goals, after which we implement an actionable and practical plan. This approach has proven successful across many industries. Whether you are need of a brain storming session, a problem solving session or the full range of services available - I am here to help you in all capactities.

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Kelly MacLellan
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Working side by side with my clients across many industries, I have identified many of the common challenges entrepreneurs, service-based and plateaued businesses experience

  • identifying achievable step by step targets and goals - weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually

  • lack of support, time management and organization

  • feeling isolated and lacking creativity

  • increasing productivity and integrating the needed tools

  • identifying inefficient systems and processes

  • website and didgital presence lacking in message and asethetic

  • new business idea - not knowing how to get it off the ground

  • experiencing overwhelm and not knowing where to start



  • trouble finding the right people

  • training, hiring or restructuring employees

  • employee development plans

  • getting clear on position expectations, role based prodcedures, and individual goals

  • training materials and manuals

  • implementing the right systems, communication and training tools enforcing accountability

Is your business experiencing any of these issues?

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Areas of Practice

New Business or Relaunch

Have an idea for a new business and don’t know where to start?

Your ideas, tangible or not, are the most important part of building or launching an aligned business that reflects your vision and values. With assisting in the launch of 5+ in this past calendar year alone - from branding, to a basic website through to goals + tools - I am here to help you!

Stalled or Plateaued Businesses

Are you feeling overwhelmed, at a standstill, or a lack of support in your business?

Your business is as important to me as it is to you; I am known for taking an owner's approach.

I am here to help you get clear on the needs, goals, issues, + opportunities within your business.

Digital Clean Up

Is your business in need of a more compelling digital footprint? Is your message or aesthetic in need of some help?

I have helped many companies rebrand, clean up their social profiles and digital footprint, clarify their website and their message to their clients. Let me help your business with its visual story.

Retail Rescue

Are you currently needing assistance with organization, developing your team or reaching your sales targets?

My experience owning my own boutique and assisting in the opening of Nordstrom’s as part of their management team have shaped my ability to elevate your team + bring your business to the next level financially.

Business doesn’t need to be a solo endeavour.


Ensuring your vision and processes have aligned with growth of your business!

Kelly has a strategic, humanistic, intuitive, efficient, and highly organized approach to tackling any project from logistics, management, customer service, home organization, and business planning.
— Jigme Love